• Portfolio project:


    Client: Centre of Registers and Information Systems

    e-Financials is a simple to use web based accounting software which helps companies to easily organise their accounting. The software is primarily aimed at start-ups and small businesses but since December 2014 can be also used by non-profit associations and foundations. read more

  • Portfolio project:

    Commercial Register

    Client: Centre of Registers and Information Systems

    Inversion Software OÜ developed the next generation technical platform of the commercial register, and developed the new web based proceedings software, migrated the existing Oracle database to PostgreSQL, and ensured the continued operation of related portals and systems on the basis of the new register. read more

  • Portfolio project:


    Client: The Estonian Board of Auditors

    Inversion Software OÜ developed for the Estonian Board of Auditors a software for documenting the audit projects of sworn auditors which supports and assists sworn auditors in the performance of their duties and proper documentation. read more

  • Portfolio project:

    Cross-border PKI

    Client: Estonian Information System Authority

    Inversion Software OÜ developed the cross-border PKI service framework together with Smartlink OÜ. The framework's core component is a SOAP based Web service that is designed to allow the implementation of cross-border authentication, digital signature and signature verification functionality in information systems as easily as possible. read more

  • Portfolio project:


    The Conflux groupware solution was the first "off-the-shelf" product developed by Inversion Software OÜ. Conflux is a web based groupware which inter alia includes document management, calendars, tasks, workflows, an e-mail client and CRM functionality which allows companies to better organise their work and manage the information collected in the course of it. read more

  • Portfolio project:

    ISKE utily tool

    Client: Estonian Information System Authority

    ISKE utility tool is a software solution which helps and supports the implementation of the information security standard ISKE and allows to map the information assets used in an organisation and helps to keep an overview of the implementation of ISKE in the organization. read more

About us

We are an Estonian company established in 2002 and engaged in software development. Our main focus is specialized development of custom IT solutions for the public and private sector. For 14 years already we develop modern Web based solutions which which support and assist the work processes of clients.
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The solutions created by us range from the content management tools of dynamic Web pages to complex interconnected platforms of national databases, and from groupware software with a few dozen users to portals with hundreds of thousands of users. We use both free software as well as commercial software in our work depending on the specific needs of the project.
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Programming languages







Other key technologies

X-road, SOAP, XML

Public key infrastructure

  including cross-border PKI

Database platforms



MS SQL Server





High availability

Qt, wxWidgets

Mobile solutions

Operating systems

MS Windows




Mobile platforms



XBRL, e-invoices, ID-cards, groupware, e-gov proceedings systems, document management, ISKE etc.